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If I had a PENNY, yes a PENNY, for everytime my husband said he loved me when he knew he was dead wrong, AND knew it wasn't going to change his wrong...where could I invest my millions?!

😣 They don't get it until you stop thinking about them! Do you know he had THE NERVE to tell me I am spending too much time on this "website thing"! I could've sworn you were just doing your own thing and not giving a crap about what I wanted to do. SMH!

I told him he doesn't love me, he loves the image. He loves the goodness in my heart for him. He loves everything about being married except....yup! You guessed it! Being married.

I'm literally at witts end with trying to show my husband how valuable I am to him. Crazy I even have to do that right? I'm at the point in my life where I refuse to put out for unreciprocated love. It's been too long for my "deposit" to have not gotten a big "return" yet. All those "I love you's" mean nothing without solid action.


Anonymous said…
Inhale +, exhale -! Keep focus love <\3 Torri
Lindsey Arnold said…
Thank you for the encouragement!!