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Dear Lindsey,...*an open letter to myself*

Look at yourself...

What have you done to us? The last time I wrote to you was probably in high school. You graduated, you lived, and you finally learned. You always bring us back to the days of 2010. I'm assuming that is because you feel like those days were the start of your life in good and bad ways. You had Londen and you made it a priority to "stunt"...but for all the wrong reasons.

Sure, you wanted to prove to everyone and yourself that you are capable of making big moves and handling those moves with minimal help and...quite frankly you did! But something was missing. That something you gave to someone else. That something that was strong enough to make mountains move. That something that the one who gained it all from you, wasn't delicate enough...patient enough...wise enough...and strong enough to see you needed it back.

That Something Is Love.

I've watched, heard, and felt your cries. I've listened to you scream and belt out in song for love. I've reached for you on many occasions. But me, your voice, was drowned out by the pain. You could not hear me no matter how many thoughts you had. You could not see me no matter how many times you looked in the mirror.

Don't you know who you are? Don't you know what you posses?

You have been through so much in these last 10 years. Even still, though, you could not find me...yourself.

When you pushed out those beautiful babies you almost died every time. Each time, your oxygen would drop tremendously. When you felt your life was over due to the constant trauma your body got numb and you couldn't function. You almost silenced me. You almost lost us forever.

But now here we are...I to soul.

I'm writing this letter to you and spreading tears on your cheeks to tell you and make you feel that I love YOU. You are the love of my life Lindsey.

You are strong, you are courageous, YOU ARE THE EPITOME!

What have you done to us? You brought us back together in spiritual matrimony. You held on to the possibility of better days.

The timing is impeccable because THIS TIME....this will NOT fall short of anything glorious. You will finally feel true love...the love of self.

It's time to's time to live in your truth. It's time to manifest into the woman you were destined to be. It's time to "stunt" for all the right reasons.

Are you ready?

Yes...I AM.

Peace and Love,