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28 years changing in 28 days

I shut down when things get to be cluttering mentally. I shut down from everything and everyone. My emotions get the best of me and all of my goals seem too far fetched, I lose sight of what is at risk and climb into this ball of silence. I have alot to say but I can’t express.

So now here I am once again pushing myself to break this bad cycle. I start something, and then I stop. I go in with full force and something along the way just drains all of that energy, In the end, I get left with all kinds of incompletes. I was supposed to get back to my workout routine weeks ago. I was supposed to be updating this blog days ago…smh.

I think that’s what makes me so proud to say that I am graduating next semester, While it is just two Associate degrees, it is my statement to myself that I FINISHED! 

This semester was extremely trying to say the least, I lost alot of myself and by the strength of God, I am slowly gaining me back. My classmates always ask how the hell do I manage to handle all these kids and pursue double degrees. They have no ideaa about the other stuff going on in my life. But again, by God’s strength invested in me, I am touching the finish line. I will pass it in May of 2018.

So starting today, I am challenging myself to finish everything I start. No matter how hard it gets, I owe it to myself to see the other side of my struggle. I owe it to everyone rooting for my success. I owe it to my kids, so they can see that their mom did great things under extreme pressure. 

I made 28 today. They say it takes 28 days to break a habit soooo….

Time to break the 28 year old habit!

Peace & Love,



������������ Celebrate your resilience today!!