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Life Lessons: Days of the Weak

Unintentionally, I had to press the pause button on updating the blog. This week past was not for the weak at all. However, it brought me back to all the times I was too weak to live through a week like this. Domestic issues are not foreign to me.

When we look back on our lives, just as I did when writing hindsight is 20/20, we realize that things we’ve learned in the past will become our weapons in current/ future situations. We are able to fuel that past pain into motivation for a better outcome the next go round and we use the outcomes from past occurrences to make wiser decisions later on in life. “Life’s little lessons”, as most people like to call them, have a big impact on the way we see things and operate down the line. 

With all of that in my mind, this past week I had to use that lingering pain and those old outcomes to build me a bridge towards my future. The way I see things are not typical because some people do not think on a deep spiritual level as I do. Most people go through life day to day thinking life has no meaning. I, however, cannot stress enough to you all that life DOES have a meaning. Every choice we make affects the lives of others, good or bad, just as those people that have hurt us in the past are still embedded in our minds now. 

This week was my exam. I had been through enough of life’s lessons to deal with my husband’s control and power struggles the best way I knew how. The thing is, had I not gone through what i had been through, and failed my exam before, I wouldn’t have aced it now. As a matter of fact, I didn’t have to even try. Outside of my pending divorce, my issues that erupted after making the decision to walk away (i.e. no transportation, wondering if I would be able to complete my second to last semester at school, making sure my kids were happy with the sudden changes, etc.) all came together and the solutions fell into place beautifully. The lessons that I learned as a child to be courageous and depend on family all came into play. I saw that my childhood experiences with my parents and my previous relationships were not in vein.

Ironically, my kids transferred to a new school, where all of my old teachers AND MY MOM teaches, during homecoming week…crazy right?

Take heed to life lessons, and embrace those days of the weak.

Peace & Love,