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Don't Be Upset, I'm Not!!

Ladies, I apologize =)

I know, I know! I have been gone wayyyyyyy too long. 

Seems like when things get really heavy for me, I go into this imaginary shell and just sit there in my gloom. BUT I’m back! I had to shake off that feeling and what better way to do it than to runaway, right? Well, I ran away with…with a plane ticket to come back of course. That’s right, I went on a GIRLS TRIP TO LA, CALIFORNIA!

With the divorce proceedings and everything getting ready to start, and all the little emotions in between due to me having to start my life over with four small kids, I decided to accompany my niece and my sister to California. We also visited Las Vegas, to lose all of our money and gain a lifetime of great memories LOL.

I left on Thanksgiving Day and just got back home a few hours ago. It's funny because at the time I wrote my last post saying brighter days in 14 miles, I didn't know I would be leaving exactly 14 days later. 

The greatest thing about this whole experience was me being reintroduced to the me I hadn’t seen in a very long time. The sexy, the fun, the adventurous ME! I hadn’t seen this Lindsey in so long that I actually forgot how she operated in fun environments. I forced myself to let go and let life happen. It HAD to be meant to be too. Try telling your family you need $500 for plane tickets and babysitters for your four children and see how that goes. In my case, it all happened as if God was waiting for me to pop the question.

I visited the city of angels..and I literally felt as if they all surrounded me and carried all the pain I have on my heart for me while I enjoyed my stay. It was amazing you guys. This trip wasn’t about clubbing, meeting men, or wilding out. It was all about being in the presence of women whom are apart of my sisterhood for life and want to see me win in life. That energy transfer was all the fuel I needed to move on and leave my sorrows behind me. Lindsey was reborn with a new outlook and a positive attitude.

In the past, I would purposely miss out on things like this just to not be the dark cloud in the room. I was embarrassed of my own self and the woman I had grown to be. I didn’t know how to have fun anymore, I didn’t want my family and friends to see me so bottles up and restricted to the chains of my marriage, While I was reaching for my husband to love me properly, I lost touch of me.

With that being said, if that old Lindsey reminds you of your current self, KILL HER! She isn’t the woman you always wanted to be. She isn’t that girl who had dreams and aspirations to be the best her when she hit womanhood. GO OUT! HAVE DRINKS! LAUGH! SMILE! I challenge you to be your own dream girl. I encourage you to embrace the woman you’ve always dreamed of.

I have a new love, and her name is Me <3

Peace & Love,