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Weathering The Storm

Hurricane Nate seems to have arrived! It started with heavy rainfall about 15 minutes ago. My kids decided they wanted to go by their grandma's house because they bought a canoe. 😒😑😂

Well that's perfectly okay with me bacause I could use a break. I'll beable to spend some quality time with myself, despite the fact that my newborn, my husband, and the dog is still home.

Right now I am weathering two storms and honestly, a hurricane doesn't touch the storm going on within me. Some days I just have to scream because if I don't, who knows!? I may go postal! 😠 LOL

No, but seriously sisters, when you've already been through enough drama, there isn't much headspace to think positive but WE MUST train ourselves to "look on the bright side". We have to learn that rain doesn't last forever and no matter how bad the storm gets, and no matter how much damage we think it has caused...

If you are alive to talk about it then there is ALWAYS room to rebuild!

Stay positive family. If you're in Louisiana and are being affected by Nate like me, please get essentials while you have time and most importantly BE SAFE!

Peace and Love,