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Two Suns- A poem

Two suns, One world
Trying to find their places
One drops
The other sees a false ceiling
Confused on where the sky is

In one world
Distinctive physically
Light sun, dark sun
Yet their rays
both shine intensely

The light sun
Though not dumb
Halts rising to the clouds
The invisible ladder
Set for marking highs
Suddenly has fell down

As small as it is
It is so, so very strong
Yet the problem
that exist with it
Makes it hard
to rise on

The Dark sun
Is sensitive
Loves learning new things
But one day unexpectedly
The world brings change

The story of creation
Was all a false scene
The world sadly said
So because the world told
The truth is now known
Of How dark sun was made

Both suns
So beautiful
Sleeps peaceful
in the night
By day they wake
And the world delights

No matter how cold
The world may get
No matter how lonely inside
One thing is certain
Without the suns
The world cannot survive

So rise light sun
Rise dark sun
In your own
Peaceful way
Whatever you need
Never fear
Your world will save your day.

Dedicated to my two precious sons. I love you with everything I have and I will never lead you astray.


LaKeisha Dunns said…
*Snaps Snaps* beautifully written