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The "No School" Food Rules!

For all my readers that are stay at home moms, this one is for you!

You ever notice that when your kids are home, on what would typically be a school day, how "hungry" they become. For some odd reason they are never this hungry when they are at school. They clearly know, they only eat breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack. So why is it when they are home, they think they can eat all day?! I'll tell you why!

It's Friday and my lovely little ones don't have school today.
"Momma can I have a snack?", my 4 year old asks me as I write. It's 10:00 am and she woke up an hour ago. When she woke up she had cereal and poptarts for breakfast.
"Momma can we get a bag of chips?"
"Is it lunchtime yet?"
Wait, what?! Oh no, you guys are BORED!

Ladies listen, when it comes to kids, boredum= hunger. I realized this because school days are so structured and full of activities, and because they don't have access to food like at home, they will complain about being hungry when they don't know what to do with themselves.

So here are a few ways to curve that hunger.

1.) Go for a walk.
My kids love when I say let's walk to the store. They know that means they will get a treat just for taking a 20 to 30 minute walk to our local grocery store. If we leave around 11, we would probably get back home around 11:30. Just in time to pop open those lunchables we purchased. It's never a bad idea to get yourself and the babies out of the house too! Grab those strollers and head out!

2.) Clean up.
Because you have to clean up anyway, right? You were able to sleep a bit longer since you didn't have to get them off to school. You made sure to leave breakfast where they could fix it themselves and get as much as they'd like.  You even pulled out the necessary dishes they would need...
Only to finally get up and see your clean up routine from last night has been ruined. 😣😩 Throw the whole house away! Cereal and spilled milk all over the counter and kitchen floor, toys from the bedrooms have walked into the living room, and the bedrooms have turned into campgrounds with bedsheet tents hanging from bed posts/ classrooms with papers, crayons, and mock report cards/ dressing rooms because clothes are everywhere! 😑
Don't panic!! Grab your best whistle, round up the troops! Tell them you want this place SPOTLESS!! No one is allowed to get anything food related or go outside and play until they have done their part in the clean up process. Trust me, by the time they are done, it'll be lunch time 😂.

3.) Schedule your meals.
Explain to your kids that if they were in school they wouldn't be eating. By posting a schedule on the wall somewhere, they can be "in the know" of when its lunch time. Do it restaurant style to make it look good 😎

For example :

6 am to 9: 30am - All you can eat breakfast!
11:30 am to 12:30 pm- Lunch Time! Served w/ snack!
4:00 pm- Dinner Time! Served w/ snack!
8:00 pm- Happy Hour! (Any snack of choice)

Make sure to place the schedule somewhere close to a clock 🙄. Depending on the ages of your kids some of the times may have to be altered.
I hope this how-to guide has helped you defeat boredum hunger!

Got any other tips? Comment and let us know what has worked for your household!


Now you know with 7 children, I have this down to a science and they still are crazy LOL!