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Now what? πŸ˜• "The Blur"

Since I made the move, so many unexpected blessings have been happening. However, on the contrary, I can’t escape the glooming feeling of making a wrong move.

I’m in my chair writing and all I can think about is whether or not the choices I made will ultimately fall into place. Things feel to be moving at rapid speed and my mind is literally spinning. 

Transferring schools, repurchasing school supplies, having to go from a free public education system to a costly private school…it’s a lot.
On top of that, my transportation dilemma is becoming more and more prevalent.

I feel like I have all the strength, all the right intentions, all the right connections..but none of the right resources.

What I mean is, everyone has been helping me with everything along the way. After I decided to get myself to a better headspace mentally, I IMMEDIATELY felt the burden of the pain I was in lift off my back.

I felt empowered..
I got focused on the needs of my children and myself..
I found strength in my own happiness..
and my children were happy to not see me hurting so bad anymore..

but for some reason, I can’t shake wondering, how in the hell am I going to get all of this done?

Now what?

I cannot escape the overwhelming feeling of not knowing what’s next. However, I understand that there is absolutely no turning back from here. I will never go back to that place that broke me. I will never put my children in the position of seeing the one person that will never fail them, fail herself.

All I can do is trust the unexpected, and embrace the journey…

and no, I don’t believe he brought me this far to leave me.

Peace & Love,



Understandably, sis I’m also in a similar situation I need these post as a daily supplement to overcome the inner voice telling me to stay in negativity!!! Shalom
LaKeisha Dunns said…
We all fear the unknown. We all feel like our next move maybe the wrong move. But Faith and trust in the Most High should be the basis of your 'What's to come'. IF we had a hand book I'm more than certain we would use. But since we don't just trust and have faith that he will give you the proper guidance for each situation you have in front of you.