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It's Time To Find Your Voice Again!

Today was different. I cried.

I didn't cry because I was depressed, I didn't cry because of the overwhelming feeling of being so young with so much responsibility, and  not because of so much resentment and lingering pain.

I cried because my life matters too. I cried because  today would be the first day of the rest of my life. And in the moment of tears, I realized my life is bigger than me.

We go through so much as women. We try to make ourselves feel whole by putting our happiness in the hands of others.

Our children..
Our spouses..
Our parents..
Our spiritual leaders..

But who do we turn to when the world says we are to be second? Who do we talk to when we feel like we can no longer pray and hope for positive change in our circumstances.

It's time to say enough is ENOUGH!

I got to a point in my life where it was time to put me first. How could I nurture my children when I didn't even want to live?

I spent so many days and nights crying because I felt my life wasn't meant for me...
I felt like I wasn't good enough..
I felt like I wasn't worth love..
I felt like I was only alive to hurt.

But I was wrong, AND SO ARE YOU!

Welcome to your safe haven. Welcome to your sisterhood. Welcome to YOUR LIFE!

Now is the time to be the best you that YOU can give to you.

This website was designed for YOU! This is the place where we come together to support and  uplift one another, to hear eachother, and to enjoy our womanhood. No more will we be bound to painful silence. No more will we be bound to judgement of our strength. And no more will we ever go through anything alone.

I've been through enough. Haven't you?


Jakline Njagi said…
I can't wait to see what you have in store for us.
Lindsey Arnold said…
Thank you! Pull out your best nail polish, girl talk is in session!
Keisha Leeann said…
This is so deep sis!
Anonymous said…
Grace and Peace y'all.
Women are more selfless than us men. Just how deep that goes I see I have some learning to do.This is a great and healthy thing y'all doing.
Strengthen up.
Sherri Vinet said…
I remember feeling this way years ago when I had 4 children at that time number 5 wasn't here yet. I lost myself taking care of everyone. I'm not complaining because I loved being a mother and loved my husband but I was gone. My life changed and so many hats to fill. What helped me was crying out to the Most High for guidance and I was shown how to find myself again. Living Systematically. Now my pastor at that time taught this.I was 22 at the time I heard this teaching but I cried out first and the answer came through him, may he be blessed for teaching me. Organizing your time is the answer. Its sacred time given to you each day. What you do with it is important. You must use this time wisely. Schedule your days, sit down and write down everything that you have to do and prioritize them by days. I did this and had time for myself. I taught my daughter being a first time mom and it helped her. Now she has to beautiful children running her home very well. Take this Sacred Time and use it wisely you will find so much peace in knowing that the Most High gives you another day and then another day until you get it right. If you do this you can plan one day of the week of your choice to set aside as your day. My day was Thursday and I could do whatever I wanted for me lol! And so have your day and be blessed in it. Peace to you all
Lonnie Israel said…
I feel what you saying here I'm a male and I tend to make myself feel whole by putting my happiness into one person now I'm feeling completely empty inside since the day we split I mean I have my kids but I feel that's not enough I'm tired of feeling lost and confused and depressed I've been focused on making her Happy for so long I don't know how to be Happy without her