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Getting The Body Of A Goddess!

Today I want to talk to you all about body image and how we see ourselves. I personally deal with issues regarding my body, as alot of us women do. Why though? It's time we take a long hard look inside to make sure we are not trying to change ourselves for others, ESPECIALLY if those people are hurting us.

Recently I decided that I want to start working out. I am not trying to lose weight at all. I am trying to get a bigger butt and rounder hips. I am not happy with the "shape" I have. So naturally I said I'll do some squats! But in reality...squats alone won't do it.

So, I got some ankle weights and a weight set to add to my workouts. Apparently weights + a good workout/ weight lifting routine + lots of protein = the body of a goddess.

I got the motivation to start by making the decision to do whatever makes me happy. I thought about all the things that made ME unhappy with MYSELF. I included the physical and mental aspects of Lindsey. Basically, I looked at myself in the mirror...well actually a selfie 🙄 and made a list of everything about me that I wanted to change.

At this point in my life of having been through enough, I realize if someone is unhappy with me when I am happy with myself, oh well!! Ask yourself, would they jump through hoops to appeal to you and your happiness too?...What about if they could do it for free? Exactly, no!

I started working out for me! That ALONE gave me the "go getter" attitude about it.

I encourage you to do the same things I did before making the decision to modify yourself. Make a list and examine what YOU want. Don't allow outside opinions that have broken you down emotionally influence the list. Focus on what makes you happy with YOU!

I LOVE how determined I am. When I put my mind to something, I am unstoppable! On a physical note I love how long my legs are, especially in some dope heels 😁.

Comment below with something you love about yourself 😍


It's so easy to get caught up in what today's society defines as "beautiful" or "hot". If working out makes you feel good then do it, you don't need anyone else's motivation or validation of your self worth and self image. You can do it!
P.s my favorite part of my body are my legs (and my booty when I'm actually working out)
Carrie Myers said…
Always believe in yourself. it's not easy with what you see in the media but we are all different and needed to be treated with respect no matter what. keep staying positive about yourself.
theresa marcelo said…
Yes, you don’t need anyone’s approval or praises just to make yourself happy. It is your own choice not theirs.
Yes! Great post, your enthusiasm is inspiring! We could all use a dose of this self-love!
Lindsey Arnold said…
It's something about those legs 😂👠

Thank you!!
Lindsey Arnold said…
Yes, the media has body shamed everyone in different times. Right now everyone wants to be an hourglass figure for all the wrong reasons.

Thank you!!
Lindsey Arnold said…
That's the bottom line. It should NEVER be about anyone but ourselves!

Thank you!!
Lindsey Arnold said…
That's what this blog is all about . Inspiring eachother to be the best us we can be. Forget the negativety!

Thank you!!