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Ants In My Pants 😣

I know what you're thinking. No one really gets ants in their pants...

One thing my readers can count on from me is a good laugh 🙄 so here it goes!

Last night was a school night for me. What am I in school for? I will be graduating from a local community college, this spring semester, with an Associates in Medical Office Management, a Certificate of Medical Coding & Billing, and a Certificate of Business Technology. *And the crowd cheers!* Trust me when I say it took a long time for me to finally get some kind of degree.  I had started and stopped so many times that I was tired of not finishing up a program. I've been through enough of school to get two degrees, yet I still had none.

I had been missing my on campus classes last week due to lack of transportation and no sitter for my 5. Talk about a two for one punch!

Well, this particular class is an A&P II course. Me + hard science = automatic anxiety.  If I miss the first 10 minutes of one class I feel lost in the sauce. So you can imagine how I felt last night after having missed a whole week!

Anywho, I walked in class 45 minutes late...took me a while to get all 5 kids to the sitter with a borrowed car that won't go faster than 55 mph on I10.

I sat down embarrased because I couldn't answer any review questions for my exam scheduled for TOMORROW. Honestly though, I was still happy to be there. I felt that showing up late was better than not showing up at all.

Class resumed as usual and I even got a chance to chat with my instructor. Not sure if it meant she would excuse my absences BUT it surely made me feel better about the situation.

I walked outside, feeling all confident and what not! 😎
I even stopped to talk to my classmate to tell her about this blog I've started.

Then, in the middle of all that confidence, my feet started burning. I tried to ignore it and just did the "scratch one foot with the other" move to relieve the sensation. That didn't help so thats when I looked down.

I stepped in a massive pile of fire ants!!!!

I alerted my classmate what had just happened while jumping around looking like a damn fool. She asked if I was alright and I lied. I told her I was fine, go ahead get home because its getting late.

There were others in the parking lot just getting to their cars that stopped to enjoy my performance. The ants were literally everywhere!! I tried to get off as many as I could in the dark, got back in the car, and drove to go get my children. The whole time driving, my butt, legs, and even my lady parts were itching. I felt them still on me.

I rushed my kids in the car, and of course they were thinking I had lost my mind due to the shimmy shimmy dance moves 😂. I could not wait to jump in the tub you guys. It was awful.

I pulled up at home and rushed inside, only to find my dear husband sleeping like a baby. I wish I could've mentally transferred the itching and burning right to him LOL. I finally got to take a bath and there were about 6 still on me.

I ended the night telling my kids what happened and they thought it was hillarious. Saying I had ants in my pants. Oh they were just thrilled!! 😑

I'm sorry I left you guys hanging yesterday with no update. I guess you can say I had a bumpy ride.

I've been through enough, and now I can officially say I have been through it all! 😐

Peace and Love,


You poor thing! I'm from Texas and when my dad was a kid he sat in a fire ant hill--those buggers are NASTY.
Lindsey Arnold said…
OMG!! I know his butt was on fire, literally 😉

😂😂 my feet felt like I dipped them in icyhot 😣

Thank you for commenting!
Carrie Myers said…
that's a good story! How awful to be sitting in the car and going through that.